“You will only become what you are becoming right now . 

Though you cannot go back and make a brend new start, my friend, anyone can start from now and make a brend new end “John C.Maxwell”

That’s true and you can start anytime you want from scratch. Are you ready? . you have the skill and you carry the info and the knowledge at all time. Great people do well in any environment because they model themself to any situations. Knowing how to manage stress and how to take decisions in times when others are falling is a great asset to have, so go ahead and have a brend new start for yourself, trust your instincts.

What a good manager looks like ? is the one to let you do as you pleased?. is the one who cuts you slack?. . or is the tough one who do the rules and don’t change in any situations ? what style of management you like? 


If you want people to follow, you have to give your fair share of working and be alike everyone else who’s not a manager..

Good leaders know that they need a team to carry out and implement the message, good manager never fight with their team for that reason. 

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