Let me start by saying that what we eat and drink is the results of our well being. Your physical activity  and your mental abilities depends on what we put in our body.
Eating healthy isn’t a diet, is a life style and to embrace eating healthy should be a life time process and a priority. Knowing where to find the nutrients and which foods and drinks are healthy is essential as well.

Reaserch show that people who have a healthy prolong eating routine are less vulnerable to get  sick of all chronic diseases.

Today’s life style is getting to be so complex where less people grown their own foods and choose more processed unhealthy already prepared foods.

Healthy foods change its definition this days because commercials and increase social media influences.For exemple, do you think that eating a breakfast cereal bar or drinking an enhanced vitamin drink is getting you all the healthy nutrients you need? How about reading the label and add extremely processed. Almost all pre-packaged  foods and drinks required preserving ingredients, higher sugar and sodium.

We may see some efforts of getting to establish some farm to table, local,whole foods, less processed with no artificial chemicals, but all that is a small effort comparing with the growing population need and unexpensive fast foods commodity.

Years ago all food came from your backyard without added enhancers,  artificial additives, sugars, sodium or preservatives and we didn’t have so many hospitals, an emergency clinics at every corner and less chronic disease. It seems that we want to prolong life in an artificial way.
Where can you find the healthy foods?

Visit food stores which support local farmers and display fresh foods directly from producers. Another way is to go straight to farmers and get your fresh produce from their farm, or find  local farmers markets. Since small farmers cannot afford to label their products organic a simple questions to ask is how do they process their land and what kind of ptactice they use in raising their farms animals will be enough to establish if they have good practice methods and share the same values with you.  

The truth is that we all getting older and sick.Eating, drinking healthy may give us a chance to extend our life in a natural way.

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