Some fruits and vegetables are better consumed whole. Most vegetables peel contain more vitamins then the vegetable itself without peel.To take full advantage of all nutrients and make sure you are not getting to ingest pesticide, buy organic, then apply the following  cleaning method.

You will need : cold filtered water, a bowl and a strainer to fit in to the bowl.

This method works as well for leaf  salads mixtures, lettuce and greens 

Place your fruits, vegetables, lettuce,  whatever  may be the case in the strainer then in the bowl. Fill with filtred water.Since vegetables, salads and fruits vitamins are volatile  in contact with the air make sure not to bruise or cut them at this time.

Let stand for 30 minutes in the water. This first process make any stock dirt loose.Drain and wash again with  filtered water  by shaking  the strainer, making sure all get washed at the bottom as well, (add as much water is necessary  to remove any visible dirt or dust) This method works best for all fruits and vegetables which skin is healthy to be consumed.

Tip. If you don’t have filtered water you can boil ahead  some,  then chill to later use for the same purpose.

This may be one of the best way to clean mushrooms.

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