Managing weight is all about balancing the calories we consume with the calories we burn. Is that simple. Anyone can  find out the calories they burn by searching online data bases or consult a personal training  for different types of physical activities and their relation with the amount of calories burned.

Best way to avoid gaining weight is to  make small adjustment in the calories intake for longer period of time and increase physical activity.  When comes to food,  make sure that you eat high nutrient meals and  avoid high calories meals with lots of sugar, starches and alcohol. Following a portion control meal system is one of the best way to decrease/ maintain body weight. Make sure you eating well balanced meals.

Physical activity  promotes  well-being, health and a balanced body weight .It is recommended that 60 minutes with  a minimum  of 30 min fast past movement  is  necessary to avoid gaining or simply to maintain weight . If you need to lose weight increase the level of activities  and limit calories even more.

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