For most to understand what is healthy cooking following are requirements for anyone that want to cook healthy meals . All facts are equal important in order to achieve results.

Must use alternative cooking methods  that require  less fat added, such as simmering, poaching, baking, steaming, grilling. resume to those methods to achieve healthier meals .

Knowledge on how to modify traditional recipes and to substitute from unhealthy ingredients to good healthy ingredients.  (use healthier fats in cooking , reduce  sauces and gravies in volumes, serve alternatives of fruits or vegetable puree to moisten food).

Create enough flavors without adding ANY artificial additives, or extra amounts of sodium. The most  important factor in creating nutritional healthy foods is taste.   Flavorful foods requires knowledge and knowing of cooking principles.  Healthy cooking should be primarily composed of two parts: nutritional information and the cooking skills added to prepared the meals.

Use only fresh, highest-quality foods possible. Use only foods that are natural flavorful  at their peak of flavor. Healthful cooking means letting the true flavors of foods dominate. To enhance natural flavors without added salt, use more fresh herbs,  garlic, browned onions, and flavor oils  and vinegar.

Fresh ingredients loose nutrients as time pass by. Is important to know how to store the ingredients properly for best results . Buy only in small quanitities or just for the meals you are intended to do i n the next few days

Portion controlled . Knowing proportion in amounts of foods that need to be served and create portioned meals is another important factor in healthy meals.

Knowledge of building a menu and how to pair foods for taste, color, texture and nutrients.

Note:  healthy food  created by unexperienced chefs and cooks will always be tasteless . When focus is only in the nutritional value of meals mostly the food losses its taste. Is important that a dietitian and a chef to work together to create the most healthy meals  by knowing to combine science with cooking knowledge and skill of a chef.



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