Few tips that can start your journey into the healthy life style trough eating

First establish  the need of a healthy eating life style  and what is your motivation behind it . At this level you may require to make some adjustments of you physical environment as well.

  • Understand  human anatomy.  Study to be familiar with major body function and in special digestive system.
  • Make yourself familiar with  food chemistry and different relations of food with our body.
  • Understand  food groups and how they affect your nutrition
  • Understand principles of calories and how does it work
  • Understand different cooking techniques and quick ways of putting healthy, simple, easy meals together.
  • Buy a food scale and practice portion control with food until you get familiar with meals sizes
  • Stay in the healthy loop by reading daily about food and healthy lifestyle options
  • Document about your experience and changing with healthy food
  • Join groups of people with same interests




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