Developing flavors  is the ultimate achievement for any cook. Here are few things that can help you to create great  flavorful dishes.

The followings work great for all kinds of dishes combinations that may require liquids to cook, also can be use for pan cooking like saute.

When cooking with whole spices add them at the beginning of cooking  time to have enough  time to develop flavor  ( ex. dry bay leaf, cinnamon sticks etc.)

Dry, ground spices ( ex. oregano, basil, paprika etc.) develop quicker flavors but still to be added in the cooking process no later than mid cooking time because needed to blend and develop flavors.

Fresh herbs should be added  only at the end of the cooking process

The key to create flavor in food is to know how long the dish need to cook and add spices according to the cooking time. For short times dishes add spices at the beginning and no later than mid cooking, long cooking time dishes add spices by middle to almost the end.

In all cooking liquids adjust taste at the end is a must, with small amount of salt, pepper,liquid flavoring etc

Tip: flavors of foods are volatile. Longer  then needed cooking times will result in loss of flavor.





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