Must read  if you eat organic and non organic food

Just stick with the information what’s following and make your best decision.

For a food to be organic, it must be raised without use/added hormones, antibiotics, synthetic pesticides, irradiated components, genetically modified organisms, or reprocessed sewage.

Different countries different rules. Let`s check United States. organic labels

1. The label 100 percent organic can be used only on  foods and ingredients  that are organic ingredients.

2. The label organic may be used on products that contain at least 95% organic ingredients by weight.

3. If a product contains 70% or more organic ingredients by weight, it can be labeled “made with organic ingredients.” less then 70% organic ingredients , cannot be labeled organic.

The trick is not to eat process organic foods and that will put you on few areas of the store already when grocery shopping.   Fresh vegetables area and fresh meats, poultry fish seafood… that was easy.   All raw, low processed organic foods is not altered much from the grown up to the display. If you look at the second requirement it say that organic foods  has to be at list 95%  organic  ingredients…  so what 5 percent can be ?  Seasoning, injected sodium in special chicken usually for longer shelf life , some packaging including wax on cheese and so on …

If you cook scratch and eat unprocessed organic foods your chances to eat fully organic are very high.




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