When vegetables are cooked improper you take away the whole benefit of a healthy nutritious eating lifestyle. You need to know that improper cooking of any foods have a major impact on nutrients, taste , flavors and more.The way how we function, the energy that we need, the focus to resolve tasks, all require a good healthy diet . We should eat with a purpose and gain benefits from this process.

Someone once said “food is food, not to worry… just eat…. there are other important things in life than food” . We totally disagree because  without a proper nutrition is hard to complete  all other important tasks in a day. An unbalanced diet can lead from minor to major health problems.

Standards for quality, healthy vegetables

1. Vegetables needs to maintain the same natural, vibrant, color even after cooking. Fading out colors as we can see in special  in the green ones  can be a sign of overcooking or improper combinations  with other types of vegetables.

2. Texture of the vegetables has to be crisp and offer a slight resistance to the bite, cooked to a right degree of doneness, not too hard and woody either

3. Flavors of the vegetables has to be at full potential . Buy organic and farm fresh vegetable in season to make sure the full develop flavor is present. Overcooking vegetables can destroy completely the flavors.

4.Taste of the vegetables. Do not use strong and to many seasonings. Salt, pepper, garlic  are some of the seasoning that can enhance the natural flavors of any vegetables.

To achieve those results always start  preparing the vegetables with the same cut style and size  ( diced, Julienne, ovals, etc. ) combine only vegetables that work together as taste, flavors and  balance each other to enhance other items on the plate as well and work as a presentations.

Most used cooking methods  for vegetables .

Steaming is probably the most poplar and healthy method with great result, just make sure the time exposure is controlled to not over steam vegetable. Most restaurants pre steam their vegetables followed by a quick pan sauté for final service.

Simmer vegetables in liquids is another popular cooking method. A blanching method can fallow in case the vegetables needed to stop cooking and preserve more texture and color. Do not boil vegetables at high heat because will damage the texture.

Oven roasted vegetables is another method with good results. All vegetable in this method needs to be dressed with oils in order to avoid dry texture  . Roasting require high heat and amounts of fat that can add to your calories intake and loss of vitamins

Grilled vegetables are a great choice because can enhance the vegetables flavors, and no amounts of fat are added. The only down side of this method is that is believed that  smoking food have some connections with health problems.

Our method. We use a combinations of simmer/steam follow by a dry heat method or roasting with small amounts of fats  and spices if necessary .

Method for 4.oz fresh green beans

In a skillet/ Wok with a top, place 1/4 c  amount of water, bring to a boil , reduce to a simmer then add your vegetables, place the top . Simmer / steam for two minutes only, remove the top and let all water completely evaporate . Add little oil and seasonings to finish the process if necessary.

Always be aware of time and temperature when cooking vegetables. Use same texture vegetables  for better results

All starch vegetables like potatoes , sweet potatoes, etc. need to be completely cooked





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