It`s all about calories
Eating healthy can be misleading and you may have to think twice after you see those popular menu items and their packed calories.
You want to eat healthy and may sound as a good idea to eat fresh salads and combinations, those bowl meals so popular this days and look so good fresh and vibrant.. Choose a place that display their calories on the menu is a good decisions and here is why:

Fresh markets salads and sides:
Chicken Club Salads usually made with chicken, bacon and cheese, and tomatoes 530 cal. for a medium size. Add buttermilk ranch dressing another 330 cal. Light dressing 110 cal.

Santa Fe Salad very popular this days that include black beans avocado and corn , 520, add regular ranch dressing 300 cal. add tortilla chips 61 cal.

Here are some of the highest calorie meals that can set you back some serious calories

Chicken fingers 4 pack 640 cal. Did you just order combo? 1050 cal.
A large portion of French fries can set you back 570 cal.
Mozzarella sticks 8 count 880 cal. Watch for sodium on all fried and extra processed food , frozen or from the can. One fast food popular menu item like mozzarella cheese sticks have a 2280 mg sodium packed in 8 sticks. You should limit your sodium intake around 2500 mg per day.
Eating soups and salads sounds right but still watch the calories. That most popular soups give you around 200 to 500 calories per 8oz. (1 cup) but are high in sodium. A cup of chicken noodle soup at fresh food markets is only 70 calories but can have 900 mg of sodium and is not very nutritional

It`s all about decisions and being informed. Choose to eat portioned meals packed with dense nutrients and just enough calories for the level of daily activity that you are involved.
Choose light sodium foods that do not lack in flavors
Knowing how many calories you need daily is important so that precision calculation or estimates can be done quick for choosing the right next meal.


If you need calories counts and other nutritional information on popular market foods let us know in a comment

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