Is almost February …time pass very fast. We always think how weather is in Texas and before you know, is that time to be outdoors and pool time is around the corner. For the once that follow a diet with the new year resolutions this is a time when you need to make adjustments usually . Whatever you decide that’s best for you make sure you don’t give up and stay focus on the big picture.

Everyone can lose weight. Commitment to a lifestyle that will help you achieve your goals is very important.

1 Make sure you follow a diet that put you on a path to achieve your goals

2 Follow your plan for longer then 30 days

3 Age is a factor. Do not expect same results as someone with a higher metabolism

4  Commit to a life long  healthy eating to naturally let the body adjust  its weight

5 Stay stress free

6 Eat healthy,portioned and varied foods

7 Keep a log of your daily calories intake

8. Choose unprocessed foods and foods that are fresh and full of nutrients

9 Exercised  and stay committed to workout at list 30 minutes to an hour a day. Choose types of exercise that help you with your goal

10 Surround yourself with positive, same interests people to stay motivated


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