Aside of all the bright ideas in  marketing of foods, there are always those little things at groceries stores that if you look closer will not make sense at all.

How many fall for low-priced grocery items and in special fruits, vegetables , legumes,  just to realized the price was per lb. and not each?  If it make you feel better, we fall for it too, no worry we learn since then to have a closer look. The price showed if each or per lb. is almost impossible to read from the aisle normal distance approach . When you sell cabbage per lb., can cost you more than you expected or when you buy cauliflower that isn’t trimmed, you end up with nonsense weight you pay if is per lb.

” Whole Chicken Only 2.99″, which word catch your attention: “whole” thinking that you get a lot?  “only” as reflect a small amount to pay ?  How will you feel if we will tell you that the average price of whole chicken, same brand , same chicken is 99c to $1.10  at other stores?

Now you can see labels on meat, chicken, fish that say Paleo friendly.. Paleo diet is one of the longest run diets to be considered somehow healthy, despite not offering carbs. Even you are not on a Paleo diet you know about it or have friend who are on the diet. If you are familiar with the diet that label doesn’t make sense. For the ones who doesn’t know much of the diet is a catch of a superior product since qualify for a so renowned diet
Big letters “Atlantic Shrimp” than with very small letters “farm raised”. Is the name of the company Atlantic Shrimp? No. We have a hard time finding the provenance, not only of the shrimp but also of lots of other foods. We come to a conclusion,  if food is of high quality you will definitely know from the front labels of packaging . If you have a hard time finding the quality or description of a food you should move along because the information is hidden for a reason.

Attached labels/prices comparative to other grocery stores .. did you seen those? On the store display prices will also be included higher prices from their competitors. Those do not make sense. First of all isn’t the same quality and they are not truth to the fact. Does it make you feel better that you pay less for product? Should not, unless you can check fact.

Since now most of the people know how to refer to labels for healthy information. But food manufacturers decided to change the amount per serving in their advantage  “Same taste now lower calories ”  and they sell half of the amount of the original they compare taste.  How about  on a  nutritional label that is very low on calories  including sugar and carbs but the amount of serving is 1/4 of a cup? Who eats 1/4 cup of cereals? Unless you want to eat a table-spoon of it ( 2oz) everything is ok.  Ultimately they run guilt free because is your fault. The facts were presented,  you didn’t read the label right and is up to you how much you want to eat. Their little trick worked out.

There are lots and lots more of those tricks  from words like natural to vegetarian diets  to fruits that are gluten free ..

The big food companies follow the foods trends, and will always stir their product for the market. As our opinions differ about food and health in general you can see how a big food company play along. Same product will end up made in different forms, shapes, quantity and change in ingredients to catch the whole trend  market ..

All groceries stores are doing this tricks  including the most healthiest considered stores   on today’s market


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