Everyone can cook,  but without some basic cooking and kitchen knowledge is definitely  going to be a challenge.As we mentioned in the past, our advance in technology force a continue transformation on how we look at food  and its cooking processes.  Based on the new information, today, more than ever a Chef  should know about food science  to achieve great results in the culinary world.

Here are ten interesting facts about food and cooking

1. To keep spices and herbs fresh longer keep them away from the heat and moisture.

2. Cooking bacon in the microwave is safer then cooked in a pan because the number of reduced carcinogens.  ( Cornell University, 2006 )

3. Best broccoli , cauliflower and  cabbage grow in colder weather because they develop less unpleasant sulfur. For best cooking results with cruciferous reduce cooking time to no longer then 7 minutes. Cook cauliflower in an acidic base liquid by adding lemon juice or vinegar to preserve its white color.

4. When cooking meat the results are effected by the following criteria: genetics of meat , water content, cut of meat,  fat, proteins, connective tissues of meat, temperature of meat before cooking, aged process, cooking temperature , source of heat, method of cooking,  bone in or boneless, cooking time.

5. Adding salt to water when cooking beans will speed up the cooking process dramatic.

6. Eggplant contains nicotine in very small amounts.
7. All vegetables contain fats and sugars, even coffee contain sugar.

8. Saturated fat or unsaturated fat? this has to do with the fat viscosity . A thicker oil like olive oil is more saturated then canola oil and so on. This is the reason why olive oil should not be used in frying foods. Olive oil break faster in high heat , resulting in an early smoking point because of the viscosity. 

You should think of this before you freeze food . Ice take more space than water and freezing  will expand food. Some food for example meats have good results in freezing and thawing but plants and fruits do not keep their orignal texture that well. More water content the worst of result.

10. Use citrus to flavor leaf greens only at the time of eating the greens. Citric acid damage chlorophyl.

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