Media plays at your expense of curiosity when comes to food… like everithyng else. If you want to know more about foods you should really look at studies that are recorded in food/science/medicine/ journals that are public to anyone an then decide for youself.

Food science/ chemistry is more difficult than you think, require a whole knowledge of other studies like anatomy, genetics, microbiology and few more. Food toxicology  results for example will change your mind about what you think is good and bad to eat. Many fruits and vegetables may not be as healthy as you may think after you understand how their natural growing process occurred. and this have nothing to do with Organic or not Organic choice that you make at the store.

If we tell you that even today we eat genetically modified foods/ lab created foods that have been discovered since 1970 that now become staples in our day to day eating  even labeled as natural foods what will you say? How about if you take for example tomatoes that naturally develop molds, uneven shapes and colors if they are left at their natural stage to grow ( loom tomatoes) and you look at other tomatoes from the same species that are even colors and shape  you may be saying that are different species of tomatoes just cause they dont have a defined shape or color?…both organic by the way.  How about we telling you that in preserving the same beautiful tomatoes a process called cloning of the DNA is done and tomatoes are re-grown only from the one that survived in good similar shape without blemishes. Do you know that are only 13 known natural unaltered species of tomatoes, but are over 3000 species artificialy created? Cloning also called grafting, a  part of the plant or an animal that is taken and re-grown and is approved for human consumption since 2008. Is this preserving of good genes? Is plant cloning similar with animal cloning? Yes it is, but somehow people are more comfortable with cloning plants than animals just cause is more humane. Scientists believe that natural selection is taking place every moment and some plants or animals become natural better growing in relation with their environment. So they copy their DNA and re-grow so-called “better at evolution” ones.

When comes to GMO food everything we know so far is turned upside-down .. growing non GMO next to GMO plants for example is a direct result in cross-pollinate that create new genes that no one know what those plants become. Plants same like animals have ten of tousends of genes. Do you know if the Organic inspections that certified a farm can tell if the plants for exaple were geneticly modified in the growing process?  (there is a technology that is tried to be implemented to distinguish the gmo from organic, but at this point may be to expensive to adopt.

How about we tell you that bison meat found today on market is mostly  a cross-bred between a bison and a beef (beeffalo species that was developed in USA in 1970)? So much for you to believe that bison meat at the store was so wild in the first place. May grow wild, grass feed, organic,  golden rice another GMO invention of food to increase vitamin A, some of the peaches, pears  species are artificial created trough GMO modification and become totally a different food with its own identification.

How about Hybrids plants, frutis and vegetables  that are the results of the cross-over and now are o n the market like graefruits ?

How about the fact that GMO contribute to food allergies and create more damage than ever? Just look at the fact that was approved for a cross-breed to be made between Brazilian nuts and soy beans for a benefit to increase the soy beans proteins but now people develop allergies to soy beans .. as all started to believe that enhancement of the soy beans was a good idea it was never looked at the secondary effects that can be occurred and can be fatal . How come this happen?

Only when food will come to be an alarming concern, when mortality is so high cause of foods, maybe then and maybe ….you wont be naive to believe that everything was created for your benefit when comes to food.  Should you vote as you vote for politics and other important matters in your community like laws to be put in place when comes to what a grocery store is allowed to sell or how much science is allowed to interveen in natural process of  growing our foods, or you will say that is people fault because they are not aware of their choices… and their ignorance and not artificial created food is the problem?…


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