If you are not familiar with food irradiation  you will need to know that is developed in
early 1940 and is a radiation process meant to kill bacteria in food. This process in USA is  being approved by FDA . Basically most food is irradiated like  chicken , pork, beef , eggs , plants , spices, flours etc. Other countries and in special EU do not approve irradiation of foods for different reasons and one of it is that  irradiation of food modify the genetics of foods and in test showed since early 1950 of  irradiated food  is of a fact  showed that irradiated food increase the risks of cancers in lab rats. Another low point in irradiation is that of food is left after radiation with a metallic or unpleasant sulfurous taste.

As is true and undeniable that irradiation of food kills bacteria  like E.coli , Salmonella , Trichinosis and other  bacteria that cause food born viruses,  irradiation modify the cell structure of food as well  .

Irradiation of food is not 100% safe as studies showed  that bacteria found in fecal matter like E.coli are present even after the irradiation processed is completed and food  is still infected.

Irradiation is used in large productivity of foods but  recently large amounts of ground beef has been recalled from USA market and probably that irradiation process  wasn’t safe enough or we may need to adhere to higher standers of food safety.


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