As we are more aware what we are eating this days, is important to remember that a lack of nutrients in anyone’s diet can have a high impact in our overall health. Eating require not only knowledge but also a process that is put in place to benefit our modern life. We are different from one another when comes to eat food, what we like to eat is not always what we need to eat to be healthy. From our experience people ask for specific foods that are more custom with their taste than with the benefit to maintain  their health or to improve it.

 Despite the new discoveries each day in foods we still don’t have a nutritional class in early education system. Kids can learn so much and the information’s provided at early age can be  set for a generation that will make better decisions  in future when come to food.  Healthcare always was a big and popular point of discussion  but everyone want to come with a solutions now, rather invest resources and send the right message to reduce  the problems in time. Until then let`s teach our kids the right and responsible way to eat 

Some of todays  knowledge should include how to eat a balanced diet, knowing how to adjust daily calories, portion control, knowledge of a diet plan that is compose of proteins, carbs and fats in different percentages, minimum of cooking skills and how to make food work for our benefit.  Cause you need energy, clear thinking, stay healthy, loose of weight, gain weight, whatever your reason may be, eating with a purpose can only help each of us. 

Imagine classes in schools that teach kids how to eat balanced, portion controlled meals? Imagine the impact in our health system cause of such a simple idea.


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