We are still amazed how the concept that adding more spices make the food taste better is till around. Notice how many spices you have in your kitchen/dry storage cabinet? We bet that you have at list 10 different spices. If you do, maybe you should consider the following
“More is better” isn’t the case when come to spices. Simple tasty food require less combinations. of spices

Having more spices won`t make you a better cook, as a matter of fact as more added spices and herbs to your food harder is to balance the flavors. All spices and herb absorb moisture loosing their flavors in time and they spoil.

 Raw meats, poultry fish, shellfish fruits, vegetables , grains  have a specific flavor that require little  added spices and/ or herbs to bring out their own natural flavors.  To preserve the flavor in foods you will need to know which spices to apply or to blend, focus on how to pair food  and how cooking process influence the taste of the food using less spices will definitely make you a better cook

Aside of  using less spices you should consider the use of fresh herbs  that can be bought the day you cook your meals to help increase flavors.

Another thing to consider when using spices is that  most spices in USA are radiated for safety. Spices are a concern to our health because can  spoil and carry different bacteria/microbes. Spaces can also create or contribute to allergies and so many are considered inflammatory foods.

The use of natural herbs,  fresh fruits, vegetable  and their juices in cooking  can reduce the use of spices. Use fresh garlic, fresh onion,  shredded carrots, ginger,  fresh turmeric etc. and you will be surprise that you wont need that many spices after all







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