Human bodies are actually remarkably good at regulating our weight. Naturally our bodies gain or drop few pound during a year and most of people do not adhere to extremes diets.

 Now, dozens of studies have shown that obesity is strongly associated with increased levels in the blood of inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein.

Most of us should be familiar with inflammatory foods and as a short description we can place them as follow for short:

  1. Pro-inflammatory- foods that are most likely to trigger inflammation and are associated with processed foods, animal products and artificial ingredients.
  2.  Anti-inflammatory- foods that are associated with whole fruits, vegetables, legumes.

But how the inflammatory foods effect our body?

We used to think fatty tissue was just a passive depot for the storage of excess fat, but we now know it actively secretes inflammatory chemicals. Fatty tissue can expand so quickly it may outpace its blood supply and become starved of oxygen (You can insert an electrode directly into an obese belly and measure how low the oxygen levels fall compared with healthy-weight individuals. This is thought to contribute to fat cell death, which draws out inflammatory cells like macrophages, a type of roaming white blood cell present in pus, to try to clean up the mess. If you take a belly biopsy of an obese individual, you can see that the fat is swarming with macrophages. The macrophages then appear to get stuck and fuse into giant cells, a hallmark of chronic inflammation seen in resistant infections like tuberculosis or around foreign bodies the body can’t clear. All the while, inflammatory compounds spill out into general circulation,

A completely plant-based diet, can help drop C-reactive protein levels by 30–40 percent within just a few weeks in both adults and children, but it need not be all or nothing.

Choosing an anti-inflammatory diet will reduce not only the chances to get sick but also allow the body to regulate the weight effortlessly, ultimately resulting in weight loss.

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