1. Color.
    Bright, natural colors.
    Green vegetables, should be a fresh, bright green, not olive green.
  2. Appearance on plate.
    Cut neatly and uniformly.
    Attractively arranged on plate or dish.
    Not soaked in cooking water.
  3. Texture.
    Cooked to the right degree of doneness.
    Most vegetables should be crisp-tender, not overcooked and mushy.
    Vegetables intended to be soft like potatoes, should be cooked through.
  4. Flavor.
    Full, natural flavor and sweetness ( garden-fresh flavor). Strong flavored vegetables should be pleasantly mild, with no off flavors or bitterness.
  5. Seasonings.
    Lightly and appropriately seasoned. Seasonings should not be too strong and not
    mask the natural garden flavors. A minimum of spices should be used.
  6. Sauces.
    Butter and seasoned butters should be fresh and not used heavily; vegetables
    should not be greasy.
    As with seasonings, sauces should enhance, not cover up.
  7. Vegetable combinations.
    Flavors, colors, and shapes should be pleasing in combination.
    Vegetables should be cooked separately and then combined to allow for different
    cooking times.
    Acid vegetables (like tomatoes) added to green vegetables will discolor them if cooked together. . cook tomatoes separately and add before serving.

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