This is a quick sauteed greens recipe that require only few ingredients. (you can use different kinds of mustard like the Japanese ones or the American curled, all types of mustard greens work)

To make 3 to 4 servings you will need the following:

1T. Sesame seeds

1lb. Mustard Greens

1T. Cooking oil of your choice

2t. Gingerroot, minced

2 Garlic cloves, minced

1/4t. Pepper flakes

Heat a wide sauté pan over medium heat add sesame seeds to toast then remove and keep seeds aside.

Remove the mustard greens stems and discard, cut the leaf part in about 3 inch lengths.

Add oil to the pan over medium heat, add garlic and ginger to sauté follow with mustard greens. Toss stirring occasionally until mustard is wilted ( about 2 minutes). Top with toasted sesame seeds. Adjust taste with salt as needed

Bonus to this recipe:

Making a Mustard Brown Sugar Glaze:

Mix the following ingredients together:

1/2c. Dijon Mustard or Brown spicy mustard

1/4c. Brown dark sugar

1T. Mustard oil, (olive oil or other oils works just great)

1/2t. Cinnamon Ground spice

1/4t. Salt

Blend everything together. Use fresh! (Can be used as a glaze/ cook with, or as a salad dressing)

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