A healthy easy to make salad recipe

To make about 2 servings you will need the following ingredients:

1lb. Lacinato Kale ( Tuscan kale) cut into 2-inch ribbons

2 Slices of pancetta or bacon. Cut in 1/3 in, lardons

1 Teaspoon olive oil

2 Tablespoons of shaved pecorino cheese

Salt, pepper for taste

French-bread croutons (optional)

Dressing of your choice ( we recommend a lemon garlic dressing of a kind or a mustard garlic vinaigrette

This is so easy to make. start by adding the olive oil to a skillet to heat over medium heat. Add pancetta to cook, when crisp remove and place on a paper towel. In the same skillet add the kale add salt and pepper and wilt for about 5 minutes

In a bowl dress kale with your favorite dressing. add cooked pancetta, and pecorino, and add croutons.

On how to make french bread croutons. Using your hands, tear apart small (1/4 inch) equal size pieces of french baguette or any other french bread and place them in a bowl, add a small amount of olive oil, salt, pepper, minced garlic, and dry oregano to lightly toss the bread then spread into an oven pan and cook to crisp at 375F for about 14 min.

This salad can be served warm and a soft boiled egg can be added to top it at the time of serving.

Photo by Marina Leonova on Pexels.com

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