Easy made individual, small apple pies for any occasion. A good fun project for kids as well.


Stuffing for the pie.

Diced apples 1/4 inch size

1/4 cup sugar

1t spoon cinnamon

2T spoon flour

Dough: can be made from scratch, or just get a premade pie crust dough at a food store

Cut pie dough rounds with a cookie cutter or a cup 2,1/2 diameter

Fill one side dough with the apple mixture you made earlier and place a second pie dough round on top. Secure both sides by pressing the dough with a fork all around the sides to seal a pocket.

Cut two horizontal lines on one of the sides to face up and place it in a backing cookie pan .Brush the top of each mini pie with an egg wash ( egg and water mix ).Bake in a  preheated oven at 425F until the crust is golden brown (approximate 15 to 20 min)

You now can create  any type of pie, just change the filling Those small pies can be easy pack for kids school, or picnic sites without worries of a mess, no spoons, plates….

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