Garnish should compliment the food, not only in color, but also in texture size and taste variety and contrast are very important when adding a garnish

Simple garnishes can be found from already items in your kitchen.

For breakfast: garnish cereals with brown sugar, cinnamon or raisins, for eggs use parsley, paprika, diced red peppers, sliced or diced fruit.

Regular meals: Bacon bits, cherry tomatoes, carrot curls, croutons, chives, dill, citrus slices, radish, rings of bell peppers, wedge of lemons, tomato, fruit, olives, sliced egg, pickle, shredded cheese, sprinkled spices.  Use your imagination.

You will need tools like paring knife, baller, scissors, ice water, and other for specific tasks.

Make shapes into fruits and vegetables like radish roses, fans out strawberries or pickles, butterfly out of tomatoes and lemons,  curls out of celery and green onion

Practice, watch videos and picture online, read specific materials to learn how to do garnishes for plates, big center decorations for buffet tables ,

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