Acidic foods, such as onions, lemons, or tomatoes, should not come into contact with aluminum foil. The acids can create oxidation with the foil. Use a nonreactive container like plastic or waxed paper.
Berries, citrus fruits, cherries, grapes  needs to be picked when they are ripe and ready to eat, .  Avocado ripen only after is picked  .Apples, bananas, and most of the tropical fruit continue to ripe after are picked and improve thus taste and color

Freezing or refrigerate does not prevent bacterial, chemical or physical changes in foods; it delays them. To help decrease alterations in food quality, use freezer-designed wrap that is  moisture-proof, remove as much air as possible before packing foods;  Deterioration may appear as freezer burn, frost, change in color, or change in texture. Freezer or refrigerator can destroy the foods if not packed in the right conditions. Temperature of the freezer should be 0F or below , for refrigerator 40 below but not lower than 32.  Use a thermometer to check temperature, pack food right, leave space between items to allow proper air circulation.

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