Garlic is part of the onion family, and with a strong pungent flavor, garlic can be minced, chopped, sliced, sautéed and add to most of the cooked dishes. When you buy garlic make sure you get the ones are firm and do not show any signs of growing sprouts.

To chop garlic, first press down with a knife blade to crash it so skin come off, then use a thin knife blade or a food processor.

Garlic cloves placed in microwave 2-3 seconds will peel very easy. Do not over heat in microwave because it will change its texture.

Fresh chopped garlic can be mixed in oil or combine with herbs.  Fresh minced garlic left at room temperature is dangerous for consumption. Store chopped garlic with oil mixture in refrigerator. Watch for Pesto, Humus with garlic or combinations like spreads and mixes to not be left  at room temperature.
My suggestion is to chop only the amount is needed to use for that meal.

To increase flavor in garlic, cloves can be oven roasted in the shell, peel and  added to fresh meals like salads, or breads.

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