Best heat conductor is water in the cooking process.  Steaming or boiling always reduce the time of cooking.

To boil water fast use a top for your pot so won’t loose heat energy and cold air won’t be incorporated in the process. Water only boils to a temp of 212F .

Convection ovens cook much faster since will be forcing hot air on food. Air is a poor heat conductor. Convection oven use a fan to blow and circulate hot air and that can reduce the time of cooking in half comparing with a conventional oven

Tender meats without connective  tissues always cook faster,

Fish cook faster then any meat.

Controlling and applying  the right heat is a key that a cook needs to master. (no book can tell you the right times of cooking meats, most of can be estimated but an experience cook know best all temp and time to make it perfect)

Inside temperature of meats is very important to the degree of doneness. Get a professional grade food thermometer

In a traditional dray or moist cooking food will always cook faster at the sides then in the center.

Lower cooking temperatures always cook more uniform  bringing the center of a meat closer to the temperature of outside of it

Room temperature meat cook faster then the chilled ones.

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