We wont write a recipe since you can find it everywhere but rather the steps to put together in the process of making the dish right .Hungarian Goulash can be made out of cubed (1 inch) beef , veal or pork.

Start by browning off the meat in some sort of fat, add chopped onion, caraway seeds, garlic and Hungarian paprika and continue to cook until onion soften up. Add diced can peeled tomatoes  white stock and continue to cook until meat almost cooked. Add diced potatoes and let simmer until potatoes and the meat are tender.Potatoes as a starch will thicken little the goulash and by reduction will increase the taste and reduce the mixture .Adjust the taste at the end. Serve over noodles or as it .

Tip. Hungarian paprika is spicy but is the right way to do this type of goulash but can be substitute with a regular non spicy. Diced potatoes should be peeled. Use a brazer or a heavy pot for cooking. Can be cooked on top of the stove and finish in the oven. Top with sour cream. and serve with a sourdough bread or polenta.




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