Tortilla  is everywhere from  taco, enchilada, chips, quesadilla to name only few of traditional Mexican dishes . The easy way out and this is the simple can be , few ingredients  but can be time consuming if you are cooking for large families .

Tis will make around 10 tortilla
3 cups all−purpose flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

2 teaspoons salt

3/4 cup shortening

3/4 cup hot water

Mix all dry ingredients first  then add shortening to make a crumbly dough. Next add the water  and shape in to a ball . Let rest covered for an hour, divide  in smaller balls shape dough,. roll on a flour surface or use a tortilla press . Cook on both sides

Tip: add small amount of flour when you shape the dough if become to sticky . sprinkle flour on top of the dough to roll it easier

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