Are you thinking what’s healthy or not to eat? . All this media with all kinds of answers and exposure to knowledge promise to give you an inside at how they know what’s best for you . The truth is that no one know for sure 100 % . Don’t get me wrong . EATING A LOTS OF SUGARY PRODUCT  IN TIME WILL LEAD TO DIABETICS.

I will summarize few things what you need to be aware and can save you from health  problems.

Picking up foods from the store can be fun and if you have kids please involve them in the process by talking with them of what makes you pick those products and  benefits that they have .

You should shop at intervals of 3 days and make it fresh never frozen and less processed. Freezer should look empty or almost empty at all the time .Make sure you pick up a balanced meal if you are not following a diet. Make sure there are proteins, starches and vegetables available with all meals. Eat a small desert like a 2oz or skip dessert twice a week .

Choose more fruits for desert and snack . Berries are always a good choice because are less carbs, sugars and have lots of antioxidants.

Eat a heavy meal with a salad and cut in to the starches . Our suggestion will be eating  a steak with a salad and not with a starch .If you like starch, just make it separate and eat part of a different meal. That will help with digestion.

Pick local produce which will give you the confidence that food spent less time traveling  and wasnt picked up before its time. Pick up organic produce as much possible.

Eat in moderation .If you need more calories intake, make your lunch a bigger meal and not dinner . Since our bodies slow down during the second part of the day, (unless you are a heavy lifter or a marathon runner  but then you won’t be worried about your waight)  a light dinner is more appropriate. 

Drink water.. yes water , filtered or unfiltered, your choice.  We all need it and water is regulating your body temperature and help your digestion.  Unsweetened tea is also a good choice since some tea have good nutritional supplement values.

Eat slow. It said that it takes 15 minutes for your brain to realize that your stomach is full . Anyway eat slow allowing food to get proper chewed  and combined with saliva and start the breakdown process. ( if you didn’t know food start break down in to your mouth and digestion starts when food is combined with saliva).

Eat regular and at same time intervals. That will train your body folowing a rutine and won’t get extremely stressful long times without foods ( skipping meals isn’t a good idea  and is the main cause for stomach ulcers) 

Eat enough calories  for the level of activity you do each day. Extra calories are always paking and increase your waight, but make sure you eat healthy and plenty if you are going to climb a mountain cause you’ll need it .

If you follow . This up comments are mainly common sense . So think about before you eat and what you eat. Eating should be fun and with a purpose.

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