As in everything,  abuse leads to extreme and when limits are over stretch it doesn’t always mean a good thing when come to food and beverages.

We agree that some food taste better  (sugars and starches combined) and  is what our brain wants and made of. We can choose carefully of what fats and sugars we feed ourself.. By now we should know where healthy  fats can be find like in avocado, nuts etc. same sugars with slower release of insulin.

Let’s get back to MODERATION and see why we have to choose a balanced eating life style.

We have to eat daily for the rest of our life, is a part of what we are and as soon we understand that is for the best. Don’t indulge in to a meal like we never have to eat again cause sooner or later you will be hungry again. Once you are on a path to eat bigger meals then body and in special your stomach is going to make adjustments to support the change and make it a habit. Same is truth for eating less is that the stomach will adjust for small quantities. 

Do not skip important nutrients in your meals. You need fats and sugars  because all your energy is packed in there .. you may not need that much is another subject, please choose a variety of foods at all meals.

REMEMBER you will need to adjust your calories for the life style you have.. a sedentary  person needs always less then a highly energetic person. If you interested of how much calories per day you need follow a mass body index or other preformula  or consult a dietitian.

 Eat more wheat to increase fiber. Eat less fast release sugars  like high content starches (potatoes, rice, pasta, corn, peas).  Increase consumption of green leaf plants and vegetables and fruits with less carbs and more antioxidants (berries). Choose a plate with protein, starch,vegetable and fruits.

All vegetables are welcome and in special the ones with vibrant colors . In those vegetables is where you will find all vitamins and fiber your body needs .Choose a meal with more vegetables and greens.

REMEMBER.Somethimes you are just thirsty  and not hungry.Try and drink a full cup of water. Or eat a healthy snack to keep you going until meal time.

Moderation is the key in eating right and  healthy.. try and skip carbs 100% and see what’s happening .. you will be tired and sleepy. Skipping your vegetables will increase anxiety and will lead to digestive disorder. Choose  a portion control meal, eat less.

We had follow all types of diets for curiosity purpose . They all work in some way but won’t sustain  because unless you want to be on a diet for the rest of your life with restricted options it won’t work . Choose an active life style, exercise and eat good healthy foods.

 Again, live your life through moderation when come to food.  Pay attention to your body signals and  it will let you know what’s wrong . Eating too much makes you tired eating too less will make you angry. Skipping vegetables will reduce the vitamins and minerals intakes..skipping good healthy fats will cut your concentration and energy and so one. 

We belive that through moderation,  choosing healthy,clean produce will help your body to regulate and follow a normal function.Leave all your life through moderation and not abuse.

Magic pills for loosing weight are not there  yet and we never going to encourage medication over natural products, only way for now …is to eat healthy and trough moderation.

Other than genetics, food is considered to be the trigger factor in so many health problems we face today .

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