I’m siting here and reading all those diet posts… and is like we moving in to a probiotic world.

Being in the health industy for so long make me think of where the trands are getting with the push of the social media..  a big magazine or nespepper write an article about probiotics and now all blogging world start their probiotic campaign and ends in social media news to push consumers to buy their probiotic kanbucha ..But again is used for centuries even more  is just a push   of a marketing campaign which ultimately end up in sales .

We still looking for that miracle thing to add to our life and makes us healrhy.. I just want to let you know that is something that you may consider to do .

Creating a life style of organic healthy eating with right portions of foods from all major groups it’s the way to do it . Start eating a balance meal,  reduce  your intakes of carbs and sugar .. and let body adjust the natural way will lead you to that moment where you reach your ultimate  healthy goal …

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