Using alcohol to cook will evaporate but you may be surprised to know that not all alcohol will evaporate even after 2 hours of cooking .
Alcohol which is just added to a cooking process will be still present in 80% if the cooking is done under 10 minutes. Alcohol  that is flamed will be at 75% present.
After 2 and half hours of cooking there is still a 5 % of the alcohol in the dish.
Using  special designed cooking wines with less of alcohol but plenty of flavor is recommended to be used.

Eating an undercooked burger can get you sick .That is true only if the ground beef is originated from a mixture of multiple cattle. As commercial ground beef is a mixture of many carcasses processed, all ground beef needs to be cooked 165F .
High standard restaurants which offer undercooked burgers have grounded their own beef from the same meat part from a single carcass or it was provided  from a vendor that process meat from the same carcass. Once the meat is inspected USDA you can eat undercooked burgers that way. Ask the restaurant if you are not sure but you will never get a request for an undercooked beef patties at a drive trough of a fast food restaurant.

Cooking with extra virgin oil is not  the best.  Olive oil once is heated it will vanish its taste and even get bitter to no benefit on our health. You can still use extra virgin oil for the health benefit by adding it at the end cooking processes , save it for salads and other dishes that you can drizzle on top.

Best place to keep coffee is in refrigerator. if the coffee isn’t air tight the oils will become rancid and best place if you brew extra coffee is in refrigerator in an air tight container.

Do not refrigerate extra bread.  Bread absorbs moisture and  can rapidly get  the starch dry even if wrapped . Freezing  bread is recommended  because at that temperature moist is at minimum presence. Heating bread will soften the starch and decrease the moisture by evaporation.
Do not throw dried bread, heat up and will be perfectly good to eat.

Butter does not need to be always  refrigerated . To use butter keep it at room temperature around 75F under a butter bell that seal the butter from dust and absorbing moisture and will be good to use. If you don’t intend to use the butter in a day or two is better kept refrigerated.

Any meat, poultry will lose the quality once is kept in the freezer, even is packed air tight, there are multiple studies to prove tis statement and is because the texture change by freezing the water.

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