The way we think of healthy food have a direct impact in the way of what we choose to eat and the way we cook our food.
The questions to answer is how much you know about healthy foods and how is cooked. Here are some basic questions that you should be able to answer without search, about healthy meals.
Can you tell the difference between foods with empty calories
and high nutrients dense foods?
Why unrefined carbs are healthier then refined carbs.
Why is necessary to have some fat in your diet.
Which fats are good for you? polyunsaturated or mono-saturated
Can you describe few ways that you can use in the process of cooking foods to reduce fat and salt ?
Can you make complete meals out of nutrients balanced foods?
Which vitamins are soluble in water
Which vitamins are soluble in fats?
Can you plan a healthy balanced menu with multiple choices?
How many calories you should eat a day?

As yo can see there are so many questions  already and are not even complex , then of course are others related directly with cooking processes.
Believe it or not is all about the way we think of food, the information what you can get, the motivation, and finally but not last important, the cooking experience with healthy foods.

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