Cooking knowledge is important. As more you know, better results of meals cooked . Discoveries in science, chemistry of foods are part of the evolutions of becoming a better chef and  cook. Here are few good to know food facts.
Do you refrigerate tomatoes? you may think twice.. tomatoes that are refrigerated will slow their enzymatic development and result in less sweet tomatoes .To solve this problem . Buy only what you can eat in few days, Store tomatoes out of refrigerator.

To make ice cubes that are clear ( see trough) boil water first for 10 to 15 minutes , let cool and then pour in ice molds to freeze . By boiling water the mineral content will boil off resulting in softer. clear water.

Can you preserve avocado dips and salads not turning brown by placing the pit inside? The pit have nothing to do with browning of the avocado salads, dips ect. Avocado pulp once is exposed to air slowly turn brown due to oxidation. Reducing the air surface by covering it air tight will reduce the oxidation process.
Use a food vacuum and seal to make it air free will preserve your guacamole for long time. Adding citric acid will slow down the oxidation as well.

Does the way how you cut onion influence the taste of it ?
Yes . The way how you cut, chop or food process onion, have an impact on your flavors of the foods . Onion have no smell unless is cut in to it.
To create a strong flavor with onion, place it in a food processor and hit pulse few times then let sit for 10 minutes. More flavor and smell is present due to thiosulfinates present by chopping. Same, a less flavor can be creating by slicing anion in bigger slices and lightly cook. Less damage to an onion less flavor , more damage to it more flavor :). use the knowledge when you cook garlic as well.

How to obtain more flavor from herbs. First cut herbs to damage it cells to release more flavor than add only at the end of the cooking process or add in the dish your food is served. Fresh herbs used in cooking process will lose flavors by cooking and evaporating, dry herbs are more concentrated in flavors, use them in cooking first then top with fresh herbs at the end of cooking.

Bold flavors?. Start by toasting your dry spaces first in little oil, (make sure that you do not burn your spices) is one way to develop strong flavors. Reduce liquids at list half of the amount in cooking dishes to concentrate flavors. Deglazing  a pan after spices,  meats , poultry or fish are cooked together will release flavors build in the pan by roasting. Leave some fats on meats that are going to be seared will increase the flavor due to Millard reaction (chemical reaction  of amino acids and sugar).  Infuse flavors by marinating, vacuum seal or cook with  infused oils to create complex flavor.

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