Extra sodium in your diet increase the blood volume  that cause a high blood pressure in special for the people who have kidneys problems. Once kidneys cannot filter properly the extra salt from your diet will stay in the blood, people with high salt intake diets are more likely to have hypertension.

Extra sodium contribuite to water retainning  as well to result in weight increase.

If salt needs to be reduced try the following . Increase the levels of potassium by eating fresh fruits , vegetable to balance and reduce the effects of sodium in the body.

Reduce the amount of salt to no more than 5 mg per day. Add spices with minimum salts at the beginning of cooking in small amount if necessary  that will be in the cooking process and not at th table before food is consumed. Choose sodium free spices for flavor.

Food that should be avoid for reduce sodium intake diets.

Salted foods from processed meats like hot-dogs, bacon , salami etc. Spicy foods with high salts and MSG. Foods that are packed in brine like pickles , sauerkraut, olives. All processed sauces,  cans prepared soups,  unless are salt free (steak sauce, mayonnaise , mustard, ketchup) Avoid snack type food with added  salts:  potato chips , pretzels, crackers unless is specified salt free.

Eat healthy, fresh organic foods that is tasty and reduce the table salt amount.

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