Everyday we put or body to extreme environments and some activities and stress combined with a low nutrient diet can have a big impact in our immune system.

Some of the factors that weakens our defense mechanism is due to aging,  emotional extreme stress, eating too much, excess in high fat diets , sugars, exposure to chemicals in diets or environment, different medical and recreational drugs including alcohol and use of tobacco, medical radiations, exposure to bacteria, yeasts, parasites that can create infections, lack of sleep, even traveling in excess can have an impact in our defense system.

The good thing is that our immune system can be restored by creating that healthy lifestyle we keep talking about.

Factors that help to restore your immune systems include a chemical-free life style from  diet to the environment you live in, regular physical activities, small amounts of foods (portion controlled or fasting), plenty of clean water, non processed foods, use of natural fresh herbs in cooking. You need to know that a well function digestive system is key to restore your immune system. Increase minerals and nutrients and in special vitamins like A, B, C E , essential fatty acids will bust your immune system. Use a diet  that is low in fat and sugars. Include a variety of foods for supplementing different nutrients. Get plenty of sleep, relax, be positive , generate healthy relationships, meditate, listen to favorite music, control blod pressure, maintain a healthy weight, eat wholsome foods including planty of fruits, proteins, antioxidants, ect.

The fact is that you need to do them all as a  whole process from nutrition ,  physical  activities and emotional stress level to achieve what we call a healthy lifestyle.

There are definitely periods of times in life in which we all can say we are healthy and we do not get sick too often and are times when we really struggle. If you look at the facts from all levels that we mentioned you can find the reasons why.  Narrow down to food , stress and activity level for quick fact check and you can make improvement or mentain the healthy lifestyle you already have.








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