If you are in a market for a cutting board make sure you choose the right one. Plastic or wood cutting board? As a general rule both boards will do the jobs but here is the difference:
Plastic cutting boards.
Advantage: Can be placed in dishwasher and be color coded for easy use to prevent cross contamination. Needs to be submerged in sanitizing solution to be able to kill bacteria.
Disadvantage: Once plastic is over cut, bacteria can grow rapidly inside the plastic and is recommended to be discarded , can be shaved or sanded to where no deep cuts with discoloration is showed in order to be saved. If black marks are shown on plastic boards in the cuts that is a sign of overused, improper cleaning and bacteria and molds can be present.

Wood cutting boards are recommended by professionals and here is why:
Wood fight bacteria naturally having build in an antiseptic and is self-healing its cuts marks.
Require scrubbing and a clean with a solution of sanitizer and if proper care can last forever.
Which wood cutting board is best?
Look for a thick ( one inch min) hard wood cutting board made of one piece, non porous hard Maple also called sugar Maple wood ( same material that hard wood material is required for baseball bats and long-lasting wood surfaces)  or other wood that  include Walnut ( more expensive) , Teak or a semi-soft wood like Oak. (professional kitchens use maple because is lasting and sustainable ) Do not us cutting boards that are glued and pressed together because bacteria can grow fast if the wood separates. It will separate sooner or later.
How to care for you wood cutting board.
You can regular wash your board with water and soap, use salt to scrub the wood, let seat for few minutes before rinsed with water followed with a sanitizer.
Wood boards should be suspended when are draining to avoid wet spots and curving. To preserve wood cutting boards you can use an edible mineral oil to rub the wood to keep it moist.Avoid high or low temperatures and in special when wood is drying.

Note: Other material cutting board like glass and metal should be the last choice because even are easy to clean the material is too hard and will damage your knifes. Silicon cutting boards will fall into the plastic categories.

Quality cutting board can be expensive but if proper cared can be lasting forever

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