If you find yourself in a diet  for a long period of time or is most likely to follow a different one  every year or you are keeping up with trends of popular diets , that may be a problem . Diets  are meant to be kept for a reason,  and may be a medical conditions, food allergies. Long keeping diets don’t offer a variety of foods necessary for a healthy nutrition.

If you keeping diets for loosing weight and you have inconsistent results  you may think twice. Diets can damage your health

Here are some well proven facts that can help you achieve a natural weight  without too much stress and . Calories count is very effective when come to balance your weight.

1 Motivation. Stay committed to the plan, achieving  your goals  is the most  important thing.

2 Drink plenty of water during the day and in special 30 minutes before  meal to cut your appetite.

3 Eat slow, you should be eating around 30 minutes time including snacks and without.

4. Always start your meals  with a soup or salad or both to get more empty calories first.

5. Use smaller , portioned meals portions.

6. Don’t eat by impulse, always prep for your meals in advance.

7. Do not grocery shop when hungry, in most of the cases we end up eating out more foods that  is needed.

8. Weight yourself only once a week or once every 2 weeks

9. Eat only when you hungry

10. Avoid high fat meals

11. Relax before the meal not after meal

12. Daily exercise

13.Use low fat dairy products .

14. Eat less meats , cram soups

15. Increase intake in fiber

16. After you eat wait 10 minutes before you get seconds

17. Ask for togo boxes at restaurant when too much food is served

18. Choose only healthy low calories snacks

19. Eat at regular intervals

20. Eat meals with higher calories in the early part of the day  and reduce calories for later in the day

21. Always remember  number 1, Motivation


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