Lots of tricks in the kitchen are passed from generation to generation. Those kitchen tricks are a life time experience of cooks and chefs from try to fail methods to develop basic shortcuts or deal with unusual situations when cooking.

What will you do if accidentally dropped extra salt or sugar or spices in your favorite dish ? … believe it or not most foods can be saved and with great results if are on the mild side.
For slightly salty dishes add a small amount of sugar to balance taste, add acidic liquids like vinegar or lemon juice.
Salt is more prominent in taste when food is hot, in colder foods salt fades away. Try to serve your meals colder/chilled. Spicy hot meals require more salt, to balance a salty dish a great idea is to make your food more spicy.
How about when food is too sweet? add extra herbs and spices, vinegar and lemon juice .. add black instant or liquid coffee. When food is to spicy (hot) add , milk, cream, butter , oil

Salt on steak before is cooked or after is cooked?. There are lots of talking about this  subject … you can imagine , science prove it that nothing change in the meat structure but is a difference in flavor preference.
For less meat flavors add your salt before cooking for a bold meat flavor definitely try the second method with salt after the meat is cooked.

Bring meat at room temperature before is cooked .This will eliminate the colds and hot spots allowing meats to cook more even. ( keep at room temp no longer then 30 min)

When cooking with onion and garlic please cut only minutes before is used to preserve most flavors. Onion and garlic will lose their flavors with air contact . Is good to think of the size of the onions and the amount of garlic you buy at the grocery stores. Do not store raw onion in the refrigerator even is covered , It will lose its flavor

The majority of oils and butters change their color and taste when exposed to air and sunlight . Buy good quality oils that are cold pressed sold in black or dark glass containers, Cover butters and refrigerate for best quality
Do not cook at high temperatures using butter . Once the butter turns brown will change the flavor of the foods. Use butter to finish off a dish or a sauce for less high heat exposure or use clarified butter

Use extra virgin olive oil for salads or to add flavors to a dish . To preserve the natural flavors  of foods use a non flavored oils to cook with  ( neutral oils)

To brown meat faster add little brown sugar with the spices . Browning meats taste better,  require fats and natural sugars founds in meats. Adding brown sugar will speed the process ending in more flavorful meat

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