Since 1950 is believed that a better approach in nutrition and  kids behavior is necessary and there were studies that prove that. Studies were made in delinquent kids and concluded that their mental behavior has a direct impact with their nutrition.

One story of a delinquent kid showed that his diet started with few bowls of sweet cereals and milk topped with powder sugar  in the morning followed by a snack of two  lollipops,  a burger, green beans for lunch with a juice drink, later a snack of two candy bars. For dinner he had white bread peanut butter and jelly with cream of tomato soup,  and a  glass of chocolate milk . Before he went to sleep will have a bowl of ice cream and a glass of water.

At the study conducted about  his health he checked the followings. I have often headaches. My skin itch. I have frequent pain in my stomach. I get bruised easy. Sometimes I feel dizzy. If is not sweet I cannot eat it. I cannot remember things sometimes. I cannot focus on a task and things get more time then usually to be completed.  I cannot make my mind for a simple decision. I over react on small things. I am angry if things don’t go my way. I’m crying often.

Our health have a direct impact in the way we act. A bad nutrition will help deposit  chemical compounds in our body that will  reduce oxygen absorption  and create a medium for all kind of disease but also will influence our behavior.

For this kid  one Judge said there is not turning back and no rehabilitation is needed . A psychiatrist agreed as well. The story of the child is that he changed his diet and become a normal kid.

Good news that behavior can be changed  with diet along. Change your diet change your behavior. Healthy meals , healthy snacks,  healthy lifestyle.

There is more than just nutritional  but at least you can start there. A natural, free of any chemicals  and un-processed diet is the only way ….but my kid wont eat that ..  do you really believe that? or is just a shortcut of not dealing with their tantrum. Is not hard to admit that the kids will go first for any sugar, starch and extreme processed foods with  added flavors.  We all learn and we can all change the way we teach our kids.

First we need to know that our taste can be modified and our brain can be re-train. One short example here is that we try a no sugar and carb diet for 10 days . Some documentation of the diet are on our blog early 2016 part of Dukan diet.  At beginning everything tasted bad and we have a hard time eating foods with no sugar or starch. No fruit either on the diet .. We try to add Splenda, stevia etc .. it just got worst . After few days as we stay committed food start tasting better and everything went in to a normal.  After 10 days we reintroduced sugar and it was terrible . First we drunk a regular coke and we tought it taste as pure honey .. so sweet that the body have a hard time process it.

Teach kids to make better choices with foods and influence their behavior for a more healthy lifestyle

  1. Buy only un-processed foods for the whole family
  2. Buy only reduced sugar or no sugar added foods and drinks  .
  3. Cook often at home, tasty healthy foods
  4.  Pack kids lunch at school for a better nutrition
  5. Bring kids friendly materials (books etc) that promote a healthy life with better food choices
  6. Visit a farm of fruits and vegetables
  7. Plant herbs, vegetables together with your kids and start a gardening project
  8. Reduce TV and other electronic devices time for your kids .. and yourself  (see rule 10)
  9. Take kids outdoors for more oxygen and natural sunlight
  10. Parent behavior is kids behavior. Lead by example.

Always remember that kids are sensitive and are in a learning process at all time . When you make changes is always good to take it gradual  to avoid big impacts. An example . When sugar is completely removed out from kids meals or drinks their first reactions  is to refuse the meals or drink because is not good at taste. Try reducing gradual sugar in days ( remember that we can retrain our taste)

Note: Be open-minded as a parent, sometimes healthy food options are not available ( kids parties, etc), knowing when to let a kid be a kid is very important. As we all want to reduce/ eliminate  all sugary drinks and processed foods from our kids diets, let them be part of the party . I’m sure if you teach your kids well  about healthy foods they will remember your talk..

A country who invest in their kids health made their best decisions for future



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