Nitrosamines  as a food additives is  used in special for dry foods products  processed foods, cured meets to main reason of stopping microbial activity and prolong shelf life of foods . In 1960 Nitrosamine is labeled as carcinogen and since then hundreds of experiments were conducted with significant data to show  growth in cancers tumors in more than 50 animal species in the presence of Nitrosamine . Why is still used in food is a good talking subject but the fact remains.

So why  is bad for human consumption? Not only is proved that more than 300 Nitrosamine compounds are carcinogens but the PH of Nitrosamine is very low between 2.5 to 3 to match our stomach acidity  which is between 1 to 3  and at 5 when full, perfect absorption and Nitrosamine is carried directly into plasma.

Here is the trick that food companies go away with  and is called Ascorbic acid .Ascorbic acid is an inhibitor of nitrosamines  but is proved that is not 100% a neutralizer and  is only reducing the nitrosamine effect . Another inhibitor is salt that is largely used in processed foods.

Foods associated with Nitrosamines. Cooked bacon showed in studies that have a constant presence of nitrosamines and also dry cured  fish.

Nitrosamines can also occur  naturally by direct food exposure to dry heating or broiling, good example is that fish exposed to high gas flames can develop nitrosamines trough a reaction of fish amines.

Nitrosamines can be transferred from food cooking and different materials  like wax paper, rubber, cardboard.. etc

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