Iron deficiency.

Few symptoms are: weakness, loss of stamina, anemia., difficulty learning. irritability and  emotional distress. Iron deficiency mostly occurs in infants, adolescents, pregnant or lactating women, vegetarians, people on diets, premenopausal women, and people with bleeding conditions .

Iron is needed in our body and in connection with red blood cells are responsible for   caring oxygen to all our vitals. When iron levels drops the red blood cell decrease and  health problems occur  from lack of the oxygen affecting  all circulatory and respiratory system. The iron cytochrome also help prevent cell level oxidation.

Low levels of iron have a strict connection in the body ability to fight infections and also in new studies iron is found to help in developing of new tissues and formation of collagen.

An extra load of iron can cause health issues as well so for that reason please follow a balance diet and if you have concerns about your iron levels,  blood work needs to be done to establish the real values of the iron in your body before any  supplements are recommended  to be added.

Research by University of Florida Medical school   showed that an overload of iron  leads to atherosclerosis and heart diseases. Men’s iron levels is different from women’s and  does not require much iron because is mostly recycled. Suggestion requirement is 10 mg per day. For Women is different and their normal daily recommendations is between 30 to 45 mg.

Where you can find foods rich in iron? Here are some examples per cup measurement   :Soy beans 8 mg, lentils 7 mg, quinoa 6.5mg, pumpkin seeds 6 mg, Swiss chard 4.5. Also iron is find in most greens vegetables including green beans , broccoli, peas, spinach, Brussels sprouts  but in a much lower percentage. Meat is also a good source of iron.

Eating food rich in vitamin C help the absorption of iron. Be aware of the medical conditions that restrict iron and any medication interference as well.



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