Let`s make a statement, saying that  frozen, canned, also any artificial additives to prolong shelf life to foods, artificial ripen fruits and vegetables should not be used in today cooking .. and here is why.

Once food is frozen a bunch of changes happen in to the structure of all foods. Their nutritional value is altered and is not to be used anymore. The cooking process and the flavors of the food change completely (science proof ). 

Canned food is processed foods . Foods that it lost all its values. Our advice is that  it  should be avoided as much  possible.  

Artificial ripen fruits and vegetables don’t preserve well and start rotten. Ex. A tomato that is wine ripen is to get sweeter and sweeter with the passing of time until it finally lose all it`s texture and start rotten . An artificial ripen tomato is getting  rotten first then will lose their texture, but wont get sweeter

Some other good to know foods  info

Do not buy pre chopped salad,  mix of leafy vegetables or pre sliced fruits.  Make sure you pick up the freshest whole ones. We already know that tearing in fruits, vegetables and leaves start the process of loosing vitamins. Even they are whole do not tear any vegetables until  the moment you start cooking.

Pick the vibrant colors  of any fruits and vegetables. Even salad on a store shelf my not be so fresh as you may think. A leaf start loosing their proprieties as soon as they are out of their environment. Faded green color in leaves is a sign of they getting old. As time passed, they lose its green chlorophyll  allowing its yellow carotenoid pigments to show through..  this is true to other green and bright solid colors vegetables as well. If are not the dark deep color may not be fresh  and may have several days on the shelf or  even weeks. Buy local foods  is best. 

Make your own fruit and vegetable juice is best  . There are several stores and specific fruits and plants juices businesses that can make fresh unaltered juices and those are the best. Once fruit juices are made, need to be consumed because not only the loss of nutritional content due to expose of air but are very perishable.  Juices bottled for commercial use are filtered to remove fibers, are pasteurized  and added food stabilizers, some added  sulfites to reduce the oxidation  If you decide to make it your own best way is to do just the quantity is consumed.

 Storing food is more complicated than you think, some require refrigeration some can stay at room temperature  but some require both techniques. buying only  as is needed is the smart way. Example: you like to eat  fresh salad with all your lunch meals . Smart way is to  buy several days a week salad  and have it fresh Vs. asking yourself if is still good after 3 days  and picking out the brown spots on it. We always said .. let the store keep it for you and pick food fresh when you ready.

Your freezer should be empty and this is why. As we know that food change its texture once is frozen , only food that is vacuum sealed may stay unaltered for extensive time in the freezer. Air is the number one enemy of the food, so for that reason air and moisture will freeze creating a freezer burn. once food is open make sure you vacuum seal it other way store it in a freezer is just a waste of time, food should be discharged and no used at this stage . Keep in your freezer ice and ice relating products like Ice  cream.

We hope those information  will help you stay healthier making the right decision when grocery shopping 

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