Selenium an important mineral in our daily survival, play a dramatic role in the 20 century diseases of cardiovascular and cancers .

Between 1970 to 1980 selenium was considerate toxic to humans , but 30 years later is  one of the most essential mineral to  play an important role in fighting major diseases like cancer. Numerous studies show that a low-level of selenium in the nutrition are associated with  heart disease, another association with low levels of selenium are traced to breast, colon and lungs cancers

In different parts of the world plants that are coming from soils that have high selenium are used in  treatment of different diseases from heart  (Keshan an enlargement of the heart ) to cancers

Higher soil in selenium lower cancer rates and are  shows in statistics,  but there are some concerns with inorganic extremely high levels of sodium selenite found in waters that may not be healthy and even toxic.

In our body selenium is very low amounts and is absorbed from intestines . can bi find in  kidney , liver and play an important role in reproduction (sperm). Selenium is well absorbed in the presence of vitamin E

Sources of selenium in foods . Selenium is found in organic unprocessed plants and animals that eat organic plants  as part of their diet.  (when food is processed selenium is lost) You can find it in animal liver , most vegetables like garlic, tomatoes , mushrooms, broccoli Swiss chard, and mostly in all  fish and shellfish, all nuts , and whole grains ( remember that selenium reach soil and water  is important)

Best of selenium . Selenium is a good antioxidant, reduce the edging process to cellular level, increase antibody formations, increase formation of red blood cells, anti-carcinogenic effect, protect against heavy metals effects, maintain normal function of thyroid  and more

The good part is that numerous clinical studies are on the way and show results from anti-aging to reduce inflammations to treatment in cancers , and heart diseases. Selenium is used as part of antioxidant nutritional  therapy along with vitamin C zinc  Vitamin E  beta carotene in treatment of cancers and heart related disease

Be aware that high dosage in Selenium is toxic. Higher amount in our body can lead to side effect  including metallic taste, bad body odor , diarrhea , fatigue.. etc . check with your doctor for normal levels  and any interactions with other medication.

Selenium should be obtained naturally from  unprocessed whole foods and be part of an healthy eating diet.






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