How much you know about processed food?

The truth is that unless you eat raw meals, everything in food needs to be processed. From peeling potatoes, cutting meats, trimming vegetables, heating, cooking, all add to processing.
What you need to know when processed food is mentioned as a bad part for us is when artificial ingredients are added to food to prolong its life to preserve texture to improve appearance, taste, things that in a normal setting environment does not occur
Following are a series of added ingredients in processed foods
Sugar and any variation of it that is added from natural to artificial all should be not consumed. Avoid high concentration sugary meals, sugary snacks and drinks. Long use of high concentration sugar modify glucose levels and the resistance to insulin, modify the gut bacteria as well.
Sugar occurs natural in mostly all foods and any extra amounts should not be added.
Food colors and food taste enhancers are mostly added in processed foods like deli meats, drinks, salad dressings, canned soups and vegetable and all are a big part in causing inflammations.
Food that is high in sodium should be also avoided. Sodium is added as taste enhancer and as a preservative in more than 50% of all packaged foods.
Added fat (cholesterol) is another technique that is used to enchanted flavors. Avoid any high food cholesterol.
When someone switch from a high fat, high sugar, sodium food diet to a healthy diet may feel that the healthy meals lack in flavors.Remember that the taste is adjustable and your chances to find healthy foods with enhanced tastes similar with high processed foods may not be possible.
The good part is that consumers are more aware than ever about process foods with added harmful ingredients and that show in all sale of deli meat, can vegetables, soups in decline by 13%
At Smart Food Solutions we focus in making meals with basic added vegetables to enhance the taste, peppers, onion, carrots, we add tomatoes where food lack acidity, we use fresh herbs, dry herbs simple spices like garlic, cumin, turmeric, peppers, paprika, sea salt .We do not add sugar or any artificial food enhancements for taste.We believe in not “masking the taste” (a term used when a bunch of seasonings are added to food in order to make it tasty) food should taste as intended where the natural fresh flavors are preserved.

2 thoughts on “Processed foods

  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing this information on processed foods. I’m a firm believer of using fresh healthy ingredients!

  2. The sad part is that in 2018 we still ingest chemicals and no one’s care special the manufacturer. How many studies are made on humans consuming chemicals ? But if are added to food should be fine because in small amount are safe ?

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