This is a guide on how to create happy meals.

First before we get started you need to be aware that  between you and everything else that surrounds, from objects, plants and animals is a continue change and exchange of energy. Depending on the level of energy and correlations the energy levels can be at different levels of intensity . As humans  have tremendous capabilities of releasing  energy vibrations, we find that this theory is true when is applied in the process of preparing and cooking meals.

How we release energy? . This is simple as it is , your presence is enough to think that the energy is exchanged at all the time between you and everything else.

What make your energy level to increase or decrease  energy? Thinking  ( thoughts) can increase or decrease the level of energy, happy thoughts  more likely to have a positive impact in the activities you are doing during the day , be more productive, creative and filled with a sense of accomplishment. At higher  positive levels of energy vibration we can say that we feel good, filled with energy  and happy thoughts . Opposite of this, lower levels of energy is associated with less happy thoughts,  slow our daily activities , we feel more tired, distracted, worried and hard to accomplish mostly  anything.

What do we know so far?.  We do know from studies that food that is reach in vitamins , a balanced diet,  meals/ food that is free  of chemicals un processed and non GMO can increase our defense mechanism in fighting diseases, make us feel better as a general health and contribute to a positive overall release of energy.

Based on everything described above  you need to acknowledge that when we grocery shop, prep, cooking foods we are in a continue exchange of energy ( thoughts) with the food  and its process.

To create your happy meals , you need to nourish some happy thoughts  during the meals preparations and cooking. Some will say that is almost impossible since they do not love to cook and they think more of the cleaning process at the end of meals being created Vs. happy thought for happy meals :). we all know cooking isn`t for everyone but at list you can try the folowing

Make sure you are not in distress of any negative thoughts before you start any meals shopping,  preparation or cooking. If you are confronted with a problems please acknowledge that, ( remember the transfer of energy ) first, relax,  play some music that you like , zoom out any negative thoughts and feelings and probably the most important  think that you can do is to stay present in the “NOW” moment which can slow your thinking process.  Remain in a good positive thinking process by acknowledge  the healthy benefit of the food  your cooking, the techniques  you  are about to apply to cook, see the food being transformed in front of the eyes, be creative, be happy that the meals  you are about to enjoy  are part of your level of energy.  This process we call the modification of food DNA by implementation of positive,  healthy energy level vibrations. Send positive messages to your foods, a prayer …

Before you know it have created your happy meals….take your time , share your meals with others, create a happy environment when you eat your happy meals   so your food will be even more enjoyed

Food can heal but it need your help  in doing so ..  eat foods that comes from happy environments made by happy people

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