Kids should eat along parents the same healthy foods for encouragement and support, but we can see the challenge when kids wont eat what is served to them at home. This situation mostly occur when kids are custom to food served in daycare and schools institutions that they do not put too much effort and funds into their food program. Most of schools will receive a discount if they join a government nutritional program which in our opinion is very poor. In our encounters with families and kids we mostly meet the challenging situation where the kids will be asking to be served the same chicken nuggets  from day care at home .. so how will you explain your kids that the place you trust them to be for at list half of their time are to give them a bad food choice? Almost impossible. The problem can be solved by serving individual portion meals customized for each kid . Each kid should fill with the help of their parents an electronic  nutrition card where they can  get online support from a nutrition adviser in case is needed  and they will have the best nutritional value a kid can have the very next day at meal time.

A kid daycare or a school with a mediocre food program is mediocre in all their teachings!




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