Our way of eating is what we fallow from concepts, as been thought or seen in the past ..Wake up in the morning and eat breakfast then noon is lunch and somewhere around 5pm we consider dinner ..  are you following the same eating  principle?

Classic eating concept will tell you that a big breakfast is needed  to start the day and the  calories will burn until the end off the day , have a healthy light lunch and a small dinner  will be a good  choice. Is this accurate ? We think that is more a relative concept, because we do not have same activities and the same eating habits.  so we should  all lose weight by late in the day cause we eat smaller amount of food  will just make sense, but how about the ones  that have more intense activity by late in the afternoon?

Now, If you can just forget for a second  at all those classic eating habits and think off the following . Eat only when you feel hungry and only the amount  necessary  for the activity is needed in the near future of the day. Do this during the entire day by distribute meals in the exactly times are needed. Being able to distribute calories, vitamins, minerals where are important in our day, we call it a smart way of eating. Food is to help us to maintain increase or decrease energy. Choosing when to eat other than pre-established classic times make lots of sense.

What is eating smart?

Eating smart is knowing exactly  what to eat  (fats, vitamins , minerals , proteins ,  calories) and when you need it most. Lets say that you need to achieve a high  level of energy level by 2 PM in a particular day  for a task that require focus, and stamina. The smart way is to eat one of your daily meals by 12 noon composed of ingredients that will help you achieve your best performance for the task mentioned at  2PM. Do this concept  and adjust the way you eat  and observe the results.

To get started with this concept require basic knowledge of food nutrition,  be able to select the right nutrients needed for your tasks during the day, a calories counter for  daily activities and a way to portion control foods  . This is only at beginning. Once you establish the days routines and make yourself familiar with the food you eat you will know some numbers  as facts and  help you in the process

Example .  4PM is Gym time  and my goal is to build lean muscle and increase resistance. At 2pm ( body needs to adjust and absorb food)  I will eat a meal consist of lean proteins to help with my muscles, carbohydrate, good fats to help/ maintain  my level of energy during the working out time and a serving of vegetables that contain vitamin B and  calcium  .. I think you got the concept ..

Assuming that we all need to eat, why won`t we just eat smart?





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