Heavy metals like arsenic, plumb, cadmium,  mercury  are poisons for human consumption and need to be avoided in any  cooking processes.  With all that said aluminum is lately added to the names of heavy metals present in food. Aluminum is not a heavy metal itself  because the weight, but it has been found to create significant  health damage.

If you ever worked in a commercial kitchen you will know that most of them are  equipped with aluminum pots and pans. Aluminum is used in large-scale because is not costly and is a good heat conductor.

Another use of aluminum is as an additive in foods like sodium aluminum phosphate found in processed cheese, potassium aluminum, in bleached white flour or used as an aluminum silicon anticaking agent common in table salt.

Cooking with foil , dishes from aluminum , drinking soft drinks with high acidity from aluminum cans is not recommended.  USDA said that the aluminum in some small percentages isn’t toxic but unless you check  for a level of aluminum toxicity in your body you will be out of lock because  some shocking results in what aluminum is capable were already presented.

In aluminum poisoning some of the reactions are nausea , skin problems, lack of energy.. numbness, kidneys and liver failure, constipation, bone decay..

( poisoning is not an accidental ingest of high amounts of aluminum rather  an increased amount of it present from food consumptions  and other external factors from daily processed additives containing aluminum )

People with  Alzheimer’s have a higher aluminum presence in their brains and a larger populations with Alzheimer’s has been traced in areas with high aluminum concentration in water, people who eat more processed foods that use aluminum as an additive. A bad combination  is that of aluminum and silica  named aluminosilicate or kaolin  that in  laboratory studies show inductions of Alzheimer in rats.

Avoid aluminum.

Do not consume any products with aluminum as an additive to foods, check your water sources for aluminum concentration,  replace any pots and aluminum dishes with stainless steel, glass and other safe materials, Do not use spry deodorants made of aluminum, do not use antiperspirants, sunscreens, baby creams, baby powders , diaper rash cream made with kaolin( aluminum and silica) or any aluminum, medications  like  aluminum hydroxide  as an antacid also used to treat symptoms of indigestions and heartburn that now show can damage kidneys.

There are still studies  and more is to be found out sooner or later but as scientists already placing the aluminum on the bad list is hard to believe that will be any good news about this metal for the future in relations with food.



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