Benefits of regular exercise are low body fat, make body more immune to germs and illnesses, make your brain work better,  skin glow complexion, stronger bones and muscle, more energy, better flexibility, better sleep, active social life and an instant therapy. 

Working out require a diet with a high nutrient intake. To know how to balance your diet ( calories,  proteins, carbohydrates etc.) depending on the types of exercising  and the results to be achieved can take time and knowledge.

Here are few tips that can help.

1.Professional athletes and their diets are centered on the complex carbohydrates, whole grains legumes, potatoes, and other starchy vegetables to increase energy along with other animal proteins and vegetables

2. A high fat intake is almost out of the questions, no  fried foods, say goodbye to bacon, ham  and any process foods if you are serious about your training

3. High protein  intake do not  build bigger muscles. Most think that a protein diet is needed when working out because the lean muscle build but the truth is that the amount of proteins needs to be proportional with calories from carbohydrates to promote energy,  building tissue and fatty acids for providing support.

4. Cardio exercising get easier with timing , for beginners as more you exercise as easier will get

5. For loosing weight use a combination of  different types of exercising  like flexibility , strength and cardiovascular.

6.It is recommended by  doctors and fitness experts that you should workout regularly,  30 to 40 minutes at least 3 days a week.

7. Plateau happens when you want to rich results,  for that reason change your exercises in intensity  and variety often

8. Eat one hour  before your work out . a small meal composed of more carbs will give you energy

9. Exercise with a friend will always push you to the next level .

10. There is no way to sugar coat it. If it were easy to be in great shape everyone would be. That means got to stick with  a plan

If you exercise a lot and not eating enough nutrients your body cannot burn fats at a high rate. You should get high nutritious meals and do not deprive yourself of good foods

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